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Founded in October 1997, CoAsia was offering IC design service business in the beginning with capital of U$2.5 million.

CoAsia is recognized by both its partners and suppliers also cooperating with customers for their continuous endeavor to service quality in system design.

In 2003, CoAsia was named a "Windows Embedded Partner" by Microsoft Inc. and in 2004, as the No. 1 "Mobile Solution Partner" in the world by Samsung Semiconductor.

CoAsia is expected to soon become the leading company in providing total solution for POS and mobile multimedia.

In 2004, CoAsia was successfully listed in the Taiwan OTC market so as to gather more investment funds to strengthen its capital structure.

To meet the dynamic demands of industrial mobile communication in smart device integrated products for the global market, CoAsia is aggressively introducing Android POS system and rugged PDA for retail and logistics market.

CoAsia is are the fastest growing provider of professional intelligent commercial hardware Equipment.

Our patented technologies yield highly intelligent, reliable, small footprint solutions that outperform others at a fraction of the cost.