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Doki Solution

  • Automation system
  • Pallets and large cargo
  • Parcels and postal
  • For large quantity and complex process work flow, Dokivision dynamic DWS system is the one stop solution. Just output the parcels to the conveyor then it will handle the rest. Measuring,collecting, verification,sorting etc. Fast and Reliable.

  • Dokivison launched DWS system for big cargo and pallets as well.
    This system will allow the forklift operator able to cover all the process of dimensioning/weighting/scanning/wrapping etc all together in very short time. which will improve the warehouse flow efficiency with less employee.

  • With 3D visual,Laser or ultrasonic technologies ,Dokivision provide high accurate and reliable DWS(dimensioning/weighting/scanning)  products and solutions for the logistics/warehousing industry.
    DEM600/DEM700 series adopts modular and miniaturized design, which can meet the requirements of docking with multiple data systems in complex business environments. For the warehousing and logistics of small items such as 3C/ cosmeceuticals/books/food. Provide high-precision and automated data support for business scenarios such as volumetric measurement, cost settlement, box recommendations, parcels sorting and stowage optimization to solve the problem of low efficiency and high error of traditional manual measurement and input.