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Multiple market trends in e-commerce and distribution centers have elevated the importance of space optimization in transportation, storage and workflows. Dokicam DEM4000 is a fixed dimensioning system that enables companies to optimize space in multiple use cases, quickly and effectively. Whether it is a retail store of a courier company, a shipping station of a DC, a retail ship-from-store location or an inbound station of a warehouse, the DEM4000 system provides an efficient way to achieve space optimization.

The DEM4000 system uses 3D depth sensing technology to instantly and accurately measure the dimensions of an object. This optimally priced dimensioning system provides quick return on investment for applications where the previous alternative was a tape measure. Manual tape measurements resulted in lower accuracy, inconsistency and reduced productivity. The DEM4000 system increases accuracy, consistency and user productivity in multiple use cases – increasing revenue capture, reducing shipping chargebacks and throughput bottlenecks, and optimizing storage space, workflow and load planning .

The large object size range, ability to measure objects in any orientation, sub-second measurement time, a large operating temperature range, operation over a wide range of ambient light levels, compact and flexible design and optimal pricing make the DEM4000 system a must-have for companies looking to measure packages and objects to optimize space.



Installation Suggestions

  1. DEM4000 can be mounted to the pole by 2 M6 standard screws with its depth less than 6mm.Meet the following conditions will result a better application.





    Distance from DEM4000 to the pole

    >2000mm depending on H


    Height from the DEM4000 to the ground

    2m depending on box size


    a) Make sure the distance D is far enough so that DEM4000 can’t capture the pole.

    b) DEM4000 can fully capture the whole tested package.